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Intro: What's Gamedit?

Gamedit is a software written in Ruby allowing you to create, load, edit games. You can study variations and save the game in a format similar to SGF. Gamedit runs on Unix, Linux and Windows.

For now Gamedit is only available to edit the game "Unlur", in the future it will support other hexagonal games.

This page is still under construction. Expect more info later.


Here is a screenshot of Gamedit while editing an Unlur game. The game is played by "Me" and "You". The list of moves are shown in the upper left part of the window. Below, you see the two variations named "a" and "b" and drawn in grey on the board. You can choose to see the childrens moves or the siblings. Mouse is pointing the "F3" hexagone. The user can choose to display or not the coordinates, the side colors, the move numbers, the variations.

		of Gamedit while editing an Unlur game


To run Gamedit, you first need to have Ruby running on your computer.

Go to the Gamedit project page to download the software.


Gamedit is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Copyright © 2002 Pascal Grossť.


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